2019 minerside Roadmap

Dear minerside users,

We've been working hard on the server security since January. We're now able to show you our 2019 roadmap. We think that the most important is the security of everyone. That's why our priority is to ensure the safety of the server & system. We'll be posting every week from now. We also wanted to thank you all for your feedback and help within this month of hard working.


Aero Software

Our engineering team is working continuously to provide quality software. We will focus our work on these 3 months. We aim to obtain a top notch software with no bugs and latency. To allow a simple and fluid use. Installation of a final trial version will also be available during these three months. The mobile application is also one of our priorities. Live Payout serves for the users and those wish to upgrade. This makes it possible to see the efficiency of our system.

Server & Infrastructure

Knowing that the difficulty of mining is increasing day by day. In order to guarantee up to 0.35 BTC of income each day we must increase our computing power. A more advanced and interactive help interface is required. We'll do work on it to offer a better users experience.

What about the free trial ?

Offering a trial version is very difficult for us. Allowing the user to use our system to be able to generate real bitcoin and for free costs us enormously. We will release a final version during these 3 month, but keep in mind that we will never offer free bitcoin mining with withdraw. You can try see if it's ok for you and then upgrade in order to withdraw.

You can contact us at or text us at +1 908-490-6599.


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