Is minerside legit ?

Is minerside legit ?

Hello members,

We find it important to create a lasting relationship of trust with our users. That's why we need to highlight some important points about our services.

Get in touch with the team

You can text us at our official phone number +1 908-490-6599. Or email us at It is important to contact us if you have any question about purchasing our app.

I'm new to this what can I do ?

New to Bitcoin and crypto mining ? No problem, simply get in touch through the online chat, email or phone we'll assist you through the process. 

Where do my funds go when I buy?

We wrote a post on this with all details you must know about your money and mining funds. It is important to be transparent with you and that's why we wrote this post. Read Now

Why buy from ?

Simply because you'll never find anything like minerside. We invite you to try to find a better application than ours, cheaper and more effective and we will refund you immediately (only working app keep out from fake and scams).

What kind of guarantee do I have ?

We do give a 30 days moneyback guarantee, your initial deposit is refunded but not your earning balance. Even after the 30 days delay if you haven't withdrawn your funds you're eligible to a refund.

Some verified feedbacks from third part reviewers (we have no control on it).

We continually invite our users to post their reviews online, however people take advantage of this to promote their tool on our back.

They manifest themselves as buyers but have never tried our software and therefore damages our reputation.

We do not deny the fact that there is negative opinions, but we do our best to satisfy ALL our customers. And this work must be respected, from the moment we deliver a functional product to the user.

Reminder: You can upgrade your account now with a great offer. No extra fee's, we take care of everything.

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If you need any support you can reply to this email, below you can see how to purchase the offer easily and quickly.

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