Mine Free Bitcoin With Aero L for Life

Get ready for the final release, after after 3 months of Early Access. We can now present our final progress. And schedule the public release once and for all. First of all, we want to thank all the participants, despite the problems encountered. Know that we are doing our best to both guarantee the service first to buyers, but also to free users.

Brand new warehouse for the public launch

We work continuously to offer you the fastest possible service. That's why considering the previous delays caused by our servers, we decided to invest more than 200 thousands dollars into a brand new warehouse. To give everyone fast access to the server and without delay. This way you can get your account activated right away.

Warehouse located in Iceland

Over $200 000 invested

Aero L the lifetime free plan

  • Earning Rate 0.025 BTC / 24 hrs

  • Transaction fee of 10% (after withdraw)

  • 20% Withdraw Mining fee's (before withdraw)

  • Up To 2 Withdraw per month

  • Manual Verification Required

  • Only One Bitcoin Wallet

You will be asked to pay your own mining fee's before the withdraw. This helps prevent abuse and secures our system. However, it is possible for you to use your Aero L lifetime without withdrawing and so without paying. Once you withdraw you must pay your mining fee's before.

Aero R starter plan without fee's

  • Earning Rate 0.1 BTC / 24 hrs

  • No Transaction Fee

  • No Withdraw Fee's

  • No Withdraw limit

  • Immediate Access after purchase

  • 7 Days Free Trial

Price $197

Aero X the most profitable plan out yet

  • Earning Rate 0.35 BTC / 24 hrs

  • No Transaction Fee

  • No Withdraw Fee's

  • No Withdraw limit

  • Immediate Access after purchasePrice $497Note: Once your account is activated in Aero L, R or X no upgrade will be possible. To ensure the balance and safety of our servers. To avoid abuse of free versions, a manual check will be required.

We want to propose a complete offer accessible to all. Thanks to 3 different Aero Plan you will be able to start for free. Start with the best or simply try for 7 days. However, we have taken some security measures on the free offer as well as the trial.

You can already get your early access by contacting us

Thank You,

Randolph Norton,


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