minerside Financial Statement 2018

Hello minerside members, We share with you today some graphs on our financial operation. Where does your money go and why do we ask for money? It is essential for us to be transparent about our functioning.

Where does your funds go to ?

Maintenance Cost 30%

This fund represents one of the most important costs. It allows us to maintain our farms protected and updated. By purchasing an aero upgrade you contribute to the smooth running of our system.

Investment Funds 45%

These funds are reinvested in areas such as research and development as well as coverage for mining fee's.

Shareholder Revenue 20%

These funds represent pure profits earned only through the direct sale of upgrade. The investor gets the most of these. You can become an investor by buying a share of the company for sale. Simply contact us if you're interested to make a contract.

minerside Sales Revenue 5%

These funds represent the profits earned by the Minerside team. Most of our revenue is from mining and fee's (after withdrawal).

Bitcoin (x100) mined through minerside algorithm

minerside Algorithm Computing Power & Earning Revenue Growth

The upgrade sale represents only 30% of the total profits of minerside inc. We own 50% of the hardware and so half of the revenue you see above goes to our shareholder. The sale of upgrade allows to feed the system, to verify your identity. That's why we'll stop offering free trials. We rely heavily on bitcoin value.

About Free Trial

We're closing the free trial option. It was a failure, given the cost required for each test it was not profitable for us. If you want to get access please buy an upgrade directly. We remain at your disposal in case of doubt. We will be back in a few months with a free project more successful. Stay Tuned !

What's new for 2019?

We have a huge project underway for this year. Whether you are a free user or a free member. We will come back with a free and well made offer. We work hard everyday, we want to deliver a perfectly functional service.

I wish you a Happy New Year 2019 and wish you all the best for you and your family.

Thank You,

Randolph & Dave

minerside Shareholder

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