The Revolution Begins - Aero Update

The day has finally arrived, after several months of hard development. We arrived at the launch of our new Application called Aero in open beta. Check out our brand new app, with a redesigned UI for your convenience. New features, a more powerful algorithm. And much more !

New User Interface

We have lighten and simplified the interface to allow you a faster and more efficient navigation. We also have completely redesigned the display to fully optimized for your mobile or tablet. The color of the theme is now blue, it's less flashy. Lighter and faster loading for your device.

Live Payout

Live Payout is one of our biggest new features. They allow you to see and verify through the blockchain transactions made from Thanks to this you will be able to see the live earnings of our users.

Most Powerful Algorithm Ever Created

15% Faster and Powerful

Thanks to our talented developers, we have reached the threshold of 300% efficiency.

Since the initial release of the Minerside algorithm, we have worked constantly to develop this one even further. Thanks to our custom Antminer Q5 (that you'll find nowhere else, as well as our algorithm we have reached peaks in terms of performance.

PayPal Immediate Transfer

Transfer your available funds in bitcoin (mined beforehand) to your PayPal account in just one click. No verification required and it's completely free. Add your PayPal email and you're ready to go.


Aero R

$1000 (Currently About 0.15 BTC) / Daily Limit

With All minerside Features

Price: $297

Aero X

$3000 (Currently About 0.5 Bitcoin) / Daily Limit

With All minerside Features

Price: $397

All users with already an upgrade will have early access completely free of charge. A Light version will be available for a cost of 147 - 197 Dollars at the final release of the tool.

Get Immediate Access

You can get immediate access before everyone else. Simply contact us at .

We will unveil a video presentation in the coming days, stay tuned!



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